In a world that is continuously looking for efficiency, Selecta Corporate Commute Services aims to create a connected corporate commute service that is available to all corporate organizations and their staff.

Too much time and money is spent on travel, that could be utilized to the benefit of the employer and employee. Imagine a day where you were given 90mins extra to use on something important to you; catch up on mails, read a book, connect with loved ones…. It’s your choice!

Selecta makes use of AI technology to enable a ride sharing eco system. Demand for the service is submitted daily by riders, ensuring that the service runs in the most efficient way possible. Daily demand forecasts ensure that we supply the correct size vehicle through an exclusive and managed network of operators.

Communication is how we collaboratively work with YOU. We make use of data tools to maintain control over the network and to keep you informed regarding the whereabouts of your scheduled vehicle.

Density mapping ensures that we use AI tools to group stops and link service users traveling on the same network. Making ALL of US- more efficient. Interest registration allows us to build a database and highlight nodes of demand. Once demand reaches a level that can be serviced efficiently we will add infrastructure to that area. Simple. Right?

We are aware that delays happen due to traffic congestion and external elements. TIA. It is a reality- but not an excuse. How we effectively predict these factors and communicate with you is what makes the difference. AI integration that notifies traffic congestion, weather and speed limit restrictions prompt us- to prompt you. In-app messaging services trigger automated notifications to registered service users and their listed network to allow for planning in the event of a delay.

For the employer; data analytics gives you the information to better understand your staff and their travel needs. This ensures we continuously optimise a targeted service.

All billing and KPI’s are automated- holding us accountable to our promises…

Cost is centrally controlled by the employer. This allows for transport budgets to be managed internally- ensuring these are in line with the employees expectation . Cost share initiatives allow for the cost to be recovered by the employer, in part or in full. The employee gets a fringe benefit on tax. Making the commute to work- more affordable- for ALL.

Our vision is to take homes with 2 cars, to 1 car. This means lower CO2 emissions ensuring we all Go-Green in an effort to do our small bit to help the environment. Making a difference on your own is a CHALLENGE, making a difference together is a POSSIBILITY.

Save time, save money, save the environment. That is the triple bottom line impact..

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