School Transport

Child safety remains at the top of the priority list when transporting students and scholars. Buses need to be adequately maintained and drivers need to be properly trained to ensure that students are placed in the care of professionals.


Select a Shuttle has booking management platforms to allow school staff and management to easily login to: make new bookings, manage existing bookings, track vehicles and view financial statements.


Coming soon:


An area isolated pick up and drop off shuttle service between various suburbs in Johannesburg to named school addresses. Registered students will be provided with a RF ID card that will be scanned upon entry into the area shuttle. Parents will then be notified through SMS and the vehicle can be tracked through the client portal. All drivers can be contacted through the online portal should a parent need to contact a child on board on of our vehicles.


Please send an email to the below address to be updated with the latest information regarding proposed routes and time schedules: