Calling all groomsmen! If your best bro has decided to tie the knot, then it’s time to suit up for duty. You have an epic bachelor party to plan! Sure, dressing the groom up in a ridiculous outfit and feeding him copious amounts of shots makes for a great bachelor party, but why not go the extra mile and give him a day to remember? Something less cliché and a little more extraordinary.

Your bromance is important to us which is why we have thought long and hard about how to make the bachelor party a monumental success. We have carefully sifted through various activities, venues, and of course many watering holes to bring you the ultimate bachelor party packages. Everything from the transport to the activity is sorted, all you have to do is bring the wolf pack and brace yourselves for an unforgettable action-packed adventure. 

Organising a bachelor party has never been this simple. It just takes a few clicks. All you have to do is choose from one of our activity packages, choose a vehicle, select your destinations, add in a couple of extras, and Voilà! The planning is done! Our drivers will arrive at your chosen collection point in the vehicle you requested, drive you to each venue, and drop you off at home once the party is done. You don’t need to worry about finding a designated driver or paying exorbitant cab fees. Our vehicles can carry up to 65 passengers so space is never a problem. You don’t need to worry about waiting or trying to get in contact with any of the drivers either, they will be waiting right outside ready to take you to the next party stop! 

We have a little something to suit everybody’s taste:

Shoot The Groom

Grab your mates and the groom off the couch and onto the battlefield. Suit up in your best camo ensemble and get ready for a thrilling day of guerrilla tactics, shooting and possibly a bit of pain. Our Shoot The Groom Packages include gruelling fun-filled paintball and laser tag battles that are suited for anyone who enjoys reenacting their favourite Blackhawk Down scene.  

Hideout in the bush while you dodge sniper attacks and cheap shots on the Battlezone Paintball field or if you are not keen on the pain factor, opt for a one of a kind laser tag experience at the Black Ops Laser Tag arena. Fight it out on the ultra-realistic Hollywood film set of a war-torn town in Baghdad, complete with zombies, dark alleys, live noise and recoil. Be prepared, the competition will get fierce!

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Race the Groom

If the groom loves the smell of burning rubber and the rumbling of engines, these exhilarating race packages are a perfect choice. Push your car and motoring skills to the limit on the one of a kind circuit and skid pans at the Red Star Raceway in Delmas. This racing experience is perfect for both amateur and professional racers so everyone can join in on the adrenaline. From hairpin bends to challenging corners on the apex, Red Star Raceway does not disappoint.

We also offer incredible indoor and outdoor go-karting experiences at the Dirty Ryders circuit in Lanseria and the Raceway Indoor Karting circuit. With Grand Prix style events, dirt tracks, endurance races and much more, these bachelor party packages are guaranteed to bring out the competitive streak in you. Warning! your adrenaline levels will be in overdrive!

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Pub Golf The Groom

Pub golf is an exciting and inventive way of pub crawling. The game features elements of dressing up like you would on a traditional golf course (argyle sweaters, polo shirts and plaid trousers), choosing “holes” (pubs) and setting a par for each one. For example, 9 holes equal 9 pubs or you could choose an 18 hole game if your alcohol tolerance is exceptionally high. The par number represents how many drinks, swigs or gulps it takes to finish a drink that has been assigned.

This game is perfect for all handicaps, it doesn’t take an expert to play and we have mapped out all the routes for you so you don’t have to worry about a thing, it’s all taken care of!

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So, what are you waiting for? Get clicking and give the groom a party for the ages!

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