Shoot The Groom

Grab your mates and the groom off the couch and onto the battlefield. Suit up in your best camo ensemble and get ready for a thrilling day of guerrilla tactics, shooting and possibly a bit of pain. Our Shoot The Groom Packages include gruelling fun filled paintball and laser tag battles that are suited for anyone who enjoys reenacting their favourite Blackhawk Down scene.  

Hideout in the bush while you dodge sniper attacks and cheap shots on the Battlezone Paintball field or if you are not keen on the pain factor, opt for a one of a kind laser tag experience at the Black Ops Laser Tag arena. Fight it out on the ultra-realistic Hollywood film set of a war-torn town in Baghdad, complete with zombies, dark alleys, live noise and recoil. Be prepared, the competition will get fierce!

From: R2,800.00