You right, we need to be compliant..

We understand the thought of your child or pupil boarding a bus can be daunting. However, having access to information regarding their safety and whereabouts can make that process a little easier..

Selecta School Transport Management is built around compliance. Strict adherence to safety standards ensure that we mitigate risk when transporting our most valuable asset. Our youth. Through the use of a developed supplier portal we manage all vehicle/driver documentation taking responsibility for ensuring that all documentation is valid and up to date.

We’ve got the tech you need..

Loading the school transport manager application on your smart phone or device allows for notifications to be sent directly to your phone through in-app messaging services. Once received, you can respond to the driver if you would like to pass on a “I miss you” message to your loved one. This process is triggered by a pupil boarding and disembarking a bus using a registered RFID tag that is scanned on the built-in bus reader. At this point Live Vehicle Tracking is activated which allows you monitor the whereabouts of your loved on.

As a school staff member; a client portal will be created to allow admin staff and management to easily login and; make new bookings, manage existing bookings, view financial statements and track vehicles and individual pupils who have/have not boarded a bus.

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