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In the new South Africa, there’s an unbelievable number of things that have changed about the transportation sector, and believe it or not, I am not referring to the minister of police somehow, by some odd miracle, being qualified to be the minister of transportation. Because at this point, why should one bother barking up that tree, right?

It is absolutely no question that our infrastructure has a long way to go, we have such high hopes for the fourth industrial revolution, the following facts should be obvious, yet, quite a number of individuals do not care to notice this.

1. Guess the Price

If I were to ask you to estimate how much an 8 seater shuttle would cost you, what would you say? If a figure popped up in your head, ask yourself, how did you get there… the preconceived notion of the term “shuttle” must have given you a number you obviously would never agree to. Dare I ask, why is that? Did you determine a location first? Selecta (the #1 group transportation service in South Africa) conducted a survey with its customer base, 90% of their clients estimated close to twice the amount their quotation was worth!

2. One heck of a bargain

This should be a given, right? Say you and your friends are meeting up at a random partying event. It is statistically, cheaper for you and all your friends to be picked up by a shuttle than for all of you to individually find means of arriving and getting back home. Oh, and here’s the kicker, it is even cheaper than all of you traveling with your own cars to the exact same location! You thought that was the only kicker?

3. 24 Hours?

Now, there are companies out there, then there are serious companies. This only applies to serious companies. Shuttle services work around the clock. Yes, that is absolutely right. Anytime, any day, you can be transported 1 hour away, or even 8 hours away from your pick up location. But like I said, why not travel with the best shuttle service in the entire country?

4. Lowest road accident rates

You read that correctly. You do not believe us, ask your insurance company. Shuttle service companies have close to absolutely ZERO fatality or road accident rates. Why is that, you might ask. The answer is quite simple. You have a designated driver that has experience within the field of transportation, and with companies like Selecta, drivers go through a rigorous vetting process prior to their employment. So if you are traveling, especially if you are traveling far, why take the risk with your own car? Why, why, why?

5. Industry standards

I bet this is one people tend to overlook, simply because, if you had to tell us about your shuttle experiences, the driver could have probably been late, you may have gotten a car that leaks oil or, windows that do not open. That, my friend, is everything BUT industry standard, and quite frankly, is against the law. There is no shuttle service out there that should legally operate with sub-par vehicles, how often have you seen this happen though? Let me know.

Selecta shuttle services are the best in the country, so maybe make that your standard.

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