At Selecta, we strive to give you the most out of your day by creating simple and effective transport solutions for your everyday commutes. Getting to Varsity and back again is a common problem many students are faced with because of the unreliable transport systems available at the moment, and of course, the cost. Many students are not able to purchase their own cars, and as a result, they have to rely on public and private transport. It is not always financially possible, not to mention the price of petrol skyrocketing at an alarming rate. But we have a solution.

We are proud to announce that Selecta will now be offering affordable and efficient shuttle transfers to and from three UJ campuses. 

How It Works

Students will be able to register for shuttle transfer services using our innovative website app. Once students have signed up, students can then purchase prepaid transport vouchers using the same app. Once the tickets have been paid for online, an email with a unique QR code will be sent to your phone.

Once Selecta is notified via our in-house, all vehicles are scheduled according to the route and number of students. The shuttles will run to and from private res buildings and the Auckland Park Kingsway, Auckland Park Bunting Road and Doornfontein UJ campuses.

When students are ready to board the bus, the unique QR code that is emailed after payment should be presented to the driver. The driver will scan the QR code and students can then take their places on the bus. 

Students will also be able to track their bus in real-time using the app. In the event of delays and traffic congestions due to weather and accidents, students will also be notified and kept up to date via the app. 

Our goal is to offer students an affordable and efficient means of transport to and from lectures every day. Instead of wasting time behind the wheel of your own car or relying on other unreliable means of transport, Selecta puts the luxury of time back in your hands. Students can catch up on assignments during the commute or just take a moment to breathe before the hectic day starts without worrying about the road. 

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