So your best friend has finally taken the leap and ready to tie the knot. As the best man, the responsibility of organizing one of the most memorable shindigs in the history of your friendship weighs on your shoulders. The groom to be and his fiancée has spent the past few months dealing with family members, caterers, event vendors and probably had a few rows over the décor, cake choices and of course budget limits. There is no doubt your BFF is ready to blow off some steam.

Arranging this final hurrah is no small feat and there are a few things to consider before the day. Plastic cups and a round of beer pong is not going to cut it, this is no ordinary party, it’s a tradition that dates back to the 5th century BC, an important rite of passage from single life to marriage.

Not sure where to start or what to do? These are a few handy tips to keep in mind when you are planning this epic bachelor party.

The Groom’s Advisory

First things first, consult the groom. You don’t need to disclose every aspect of the activities you have planned for the day, however, it is important to know what kind of party the groom wants. There is a big difference between reenacting scenes from The Hangover and spending a relaxing weekend camping in The Berg. Once you have an idea of what kind of day the groom wants, you can start building on those ideas and adding secret surprises. These secrets don’t necessarily have to be X-rated unless you know for sure the groom is open to this.

The VIP’s

By now the guest list for the wedding should be set but this doesn’t necessarily mean that every male on the list should be invited to the bachelor party. This party is usually an intimate affair amongst close friends; however, the groom may also want to celebrate the day with his future brother in law. The groom should ultimately set the guest list for the party but if he needs some guidance, advise him on certain things to consider like the cost, venue and of course who he is comfortable to let loose around. Things may get weird and the groom may not want some of his future family members or friends to see his drunken debauchery.

Assign the Troops

Once your VIP list has been set, create a WhatsApp group for the attendees (Exclude the groom if you want to be extra secretive). Use this group to bounce ideas off each other, work out costs or to notify anyone if plans need to suddenly change. If you need help organizing the event, delegate and assign tasks in this message thread, that way there is no miscommunication, and everyone will be kept in the loop.

It’s a Date

The next thing you will need to do is to set a date. Suggest a few dates to the VIP’s to decide which day will work best for everyone. It’s best to set the date a few months before the party so everyone has time to shuffle their schedules or book a day off work if you have a weekend away planned. The date should also be discussed with the guest of honour. It is his big day, after all, it wouldn’t be a bachelors party if the bachelor can’t make it.

Let the Games Begin

Now that you know the budget, date and what kind of festivities the groom is open to, its time to plan the activities for the day or weekend.  This is where creativity is key, the guest of honour and VIP’s might not necessarily enjoy the same things you do which is why it is important to pick something that everyone will enjoy. At Selecta, we have gone a step further to make things even easier for you. We have created personalized bachelor party packages that include shuttle services for all your guests as well as an array of activities to choose from in the morning, afternoons and evenings. Our unique activities include pub golf, paintballing, drifting and go-karting, river rafting, bungee jumping, an out of town booze cruise or a competitive round of golf and much much more. If you want to add in a few seductive surprises, we have you covered in that department too. We know how to party and we guarantee your VIP’s and the guest of honour will be reminiscing about this epic day for many moons to come.

Contact us to find out more about our personalized bachelor party packages and premium shuttle services.

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