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Everyone is looking for convenience these days. An easier way to do something without taking up too much time. That’s why smartphones, apps and technology have become so successful. But what about travelling, traffic, and everything else that comes with getting to your destination? Sure, self-driving cars are a very real possibility in the near future, but at what cost? While the concept of self-driving cars may still be in its beginning stages, there is still a high demand for convenience when it comes to travel. The good news is that Selecta has already thought about this and come up with a solution to save you time and money. Our shuttle hire services are cleverly designed to take you where you want to go without the hassle.

These are a few of the shuttle hire services we offer.

School Transport

Dropping the kids off and trying to get to work on time is a daily struggle that many are faced with. There are some unpredictable situations that arise as well. The clutch burned out, or you just realised some oil leaking from underneath your car. There isn’t always someone available to take your child to school when these things happen.

Our school transport services eliminate these problems. We will take your children to and from school during the week and ensure they get there safely and on time. We understand that the thought of your child boarding a shuttle can be quite daunting and that their safety is your main concern. We have a solution to this too. Selecta’s school transport management is built around compliance and honesty. We adhere to strict safety standards to ensure that any risk is avoided when transporting your most valuable asset. 

With the use of our supplier portal, we are able to manage vehicle and driver documentation to ensure that everything is valid and up to date. By downloading our school transport manager application, you can track the live location of a pupil or your child and receive notifications to your phone through our in-app messaging services. This process is triggered by a pupil boarding and disembarking the shuttle using a registered RFID tag that is scanned on the built-in shuttle reader.

We will create a client portal which allows any school admin staff or managers to log in, hire a shuttle, manage current bookings, view statements and track all vehicles and pupils who have or have not boarded the shuttle. 

Airport Transfers

It’s not always an option to drive yourself to the airport and leave your car there until your holiday or business trip is over. The parking fees are usually exorbitant and it does cause some stress about whether or not your vehicle will still be there when you return. If you are travelling in a larger group, it can also be difficult to arrange a convoy of cars to get you all to the airport on time.  Our airport transfer services are a convenient way to get to the airport without any of these worries. Our shuttles are large enough to carry a lot of luggage, we even have the option to choose a trailer if you need additional space! 

Selecta has extensive experience in the coordination of large groups from:

  • OR Tambo International Airport (Johannesburg)
  • Cape Town International Airport (Cape Town)
  • King Shaka International Airport (Durban)

The management of drop-offs and pickups is communicated to clients and monitored with the airport. All of our airport transfer vehicles operate under specific regulations that are in compliance with the airport’s rules and regulations. Our team has extensive knowledge of the airport layout, so you don’t have to worry about getting lost when trying to find the shuttle or driver. 

Work Transfers

Getting all your staff members to work on time can add enormous value to your company. When members of your team don’t pitch up to work because of car trouble or arrive late because of traffic, it can set you back a few deadlines. If everyone gets to work on time and manages to settle in a few minutes before the workday starts, you will start to see a huge increase in operational productivity.

Selecta offers corporate commute services which are designed to eliminate the transport issues many of your employees may be faced with. By investing in the transport needs of your staff, you are also investing in your business. Our corporate shuttle services differ according to every business’ needs. We create a fully customised pickup and drop off route for your staff based on locations and the number of passengers daily. Our ride-sharing app also allows you to control each commute. Our in-app messaging system will send notifications to your phone in the event of a traffic delay, bad weather, or speed restrictions. 

Our platform also allows managers to log in and get additional information such as billing and KPI’s. Cost is centrally controlled by the employer. This allows for transport budgets to be managed internally- ensuring these are in line with the employee’s expectation. Cost-share initiatives allow for the cost to be recovered by the employer, in part or in full.

Sport Transfers

When it comes to your sports team, Selecta is your biggest cheerleader. Our shuttle services allow you to focus more on the game while we worry about getting you safely to the field and back again. We have been fortunate enough to have transported many local and international teams to their warm-up practices and match days all across the country.  We ensure that players, coaches and officials are transported in comfort and reach their destination on time. 

We are proud to say that our shuttle services have been utilized by some of the country’s most prestigious sports teams. From the World Hockey League, Premier Hockey League, and Investec Hockey Tournament, we have dedicated our time to making each of these tournaments an enjoyable experience for players, officials and coaches alike on our roads. 

Lead your team to victory by hiring our shuttle services!

University Transfers – Coming Soon

We have an exciting venture in the pipeline. Selecta will be offering dedicated shuttle services for university students to take advantage of. We understand that student loans come at a high price, which is why we will be offering affordable services to get you to your lectures every day. Instead of sitting behind the wheel in traffic, you can spend that valuable time enjoying the comfort of our shuttle and catching up on assignments or studying. 

Every minute counts when it comes to your degree and Selecta is dedicated to giving you the luxury of extra time and convenience. 

Our Vision

At Selecta, our goal is to provide you with exceptional service and safer commutes to and from work, school or a sporting event. We are also passionate about the environment and lowering CO2 emissions. By reducing the number of cars on our roads, we can reduce our carbon footprint. Making a difference on your own is a CHALLENGE, but making a difference together is a POSSIBILITY.

 Saving time, money and the environment together!

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