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Say you have an event planned and you want all your friends, family and loved ones to join you. It could be any event – a birthday bash, a wedding, or maybe grandma Zizipho, uncle Don and other family members who live hundreds of kilometers away have to make their appearance at the family gathering. How do we get all these people here?

It seems that, more people would opt to crank up the Picanto and drive 8 hours to go fetch them, and 8 hours back, or let gogo and uncle catch the grey hound, they’ll probably be fine. But why must you suffer? Here are the common misconceptions of group transport service solutions.

1. Imali, money, chelete, geld

One of the most common reasons why people would rather opt to strain gogo and uncle would be, it is far too expensive to hire a shuttle for a group. Why do that when you can just, suffer? But that is the greatest deception of all. With an increased demand on group transportation services, the business is booming!

Therefore, the prices are no longer inflated, and with companies the likes of Selecta, you get the best transportation service at prices that are at an all time low!

2. Lack of quality

Yes, you read that correctly. There has been a number of individuals who have reported inadequate service being provided, from shuttles that have irresponsible drivers to drivers showing up hours late. Oh, here’s another one, the driver forgot to fill up his gas tank, therefore, once he’s collected the passengers, he makes stops that passengers did not schedule. Why? No one will ever really understand, however, this all depends on the service provider. It is not set in stone that all group transportation service providers will do so.

Therefore, why not choose a company that shows you what you’re getting yourself into before you make your payment?

3. The windows won’t open

Here’s one that will do it. A shuttle company that promoted it’s fleet using stock images yet once the car parks outside, you then realize that you have duped. The shuttle is in taters, the seats are torn, the windows won’t open, and just when you thought you’ve seen it all… The car mats have dirt on them. Everything is a mess. This is a common fear that customers face, however, this is not the status quo man!

This is not how the story always goes. Selecta does not compromise on cleanliness and industry standard drivers & shuttles. What you see is exactly what you get.

4. Are we safe?

This is the most common question that any and all passengers of any vehicle will ask. “Are we safe?”. All registered group transportation service companies have to adhere to a certain criteria of standards in order to legally operate. One such criteria is ensuring the employment of drivers that have valid drivers licenses, and the vehicles have to adhere to certain standards that deem them roadworthy. That word means numerous things and it has proven to be subjective to some companies, because, if the bus starts and moves, they opt to fake it until they make it.

This NEVER happens with Selecta. ALL the vehicles in our fleet are, in short, industry standard. We exceed expectations at any and all cost.

5. The Pandemic

Last, but certainly not least, the pandemic itself. How safe is it to ride a bus with a group of people? The short answer is, it will be as safe as we allow it to be. Think about it, so far, how many companies can honestly claim that the air filters in their shuttles have been changed? Or claim that they have sanitized their handles, seats and window clips? Selecta can. Yes. You read that right. Your safety is our main priority and this is something we can honestly pride ourselves in.

Therefore, choose a company that cares. A company that will never compromise and offer you the best prices. There is no need to crank up the Picanto or let them travel hundreds of kilometers away squeezed into the corner of a bus. Transport hire is no longer expensive, the standards are high, the service delivery is immaculate, and all you need to protect yourself and gogo, is a mask.

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