Many overlook the importance of hiring a shuttle for their big day. But in the grand scheme of things, it is actually one of the best things money can buy to ensure your wedding goes as smoothly as possible. Whether it is for transporting the entire wedding party or a few guests from out of town, hiring a shuttle will put both you and the guest’s minds at ease. Here are a few great reasons to add wedding transport to your to-do list:

Guests Will Show Up On Time

No matter what the occasion is, there will always be those few people or that person who pitches up late. The music has just started playing, you are about to walk down the aisle to profess your undying love and say your ‘I do’s’, but just as you are about to make your grand entrance, there is a latecomer frantically shuffling along the pews to find their seat. This just ruins the moment! A trusted shuttle company will handle all the logistics to ensure that all guests are transported to the venue in time to avoid any disturbances during the ceremony. The company will factor important things in like loading, traffic and unloading everyone from the shuttle. This is also helpful for out of town guests. If they had to make their own way to the venue, the chances of them getting lost on the way are high. By hiring a reliable shuttle company, it will ensure that all of your guests arrive safely and on time so you don’t have to worry about any disturbances or hiccups before walking down the aisle.

It Keeps the Party Going

It’s always disappointing to see some of your guests leave straight after the reception and miss the magical moments like cutting the cake or listening to the speeches. Hiring a shuttle is the best way to make sure all your guests leave at an appropriate time, without missing out on the important events of the day. Wedding shuttles make multiple round trips from the venue to the hotel or guest houses where your guests are staying. This is perfect for the older guests who want to leave a bit earlier while the younger crowd can let their hair down and party with you until the early hours of the morning.  

It Eliminates Drinking and Driving

Speaking of partying until the bitter end, hiring a wedding shuttle ensures that your guests get home safely after the celebrations. This also takes the responsibility and cost of hiring a taxi or fetching their car from the venue the next day off of their shoulders. This means that your guests will be more relaxed and won’t be counting every sip of champagne they take. You will also feel more relaxed knowing that your guests will be transported home safely after the wild night of celebrating.

It Encourages Guests to Bond

Hiring a shuttle for your wedding is the perfect way to get the guests to bond before the ceremony has even started. The guests who have never met before have the opportunity to introduce themselves and engage in a bit of chit chat on the way to the venue. Who knows, maybe some amazing new friendships may emerge from the experience!

It Helps With Transporting Goods

Once the ceremony has ended and it is time to go home together as husband and wife, moving all the gifts, flowers, decor, or sentimental pieces back to the hotel can be a challenge when you only have one small car. A shuttle is big enough to fit you, your luggage and all the extras without having to make multiple trips back and forth. It is just one less thing to stress about!

Everyone Will Be Happy

You and your guests have enough to deal with on the big day, the last thing anyone wants to worry about is transport, parking, and drinking and driving. Your guests already have enough on their plate like picking an outfit, arriving on time, buying gifts, and booking accommodation. By taking the worry of transport off their shoulders, it will give your guests one less thing to stress about. Instead of your guests arriving at your wedding feeling anxious and annoyed after a 30-minute roadblock, they will arrive feeling relaxed, refreshed, and excited to get the celebrations started!

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