If you are a business owner or HR manager, you understand the value of time. Time wasted is money wasted and we not just talking about project deadlines or product delivery time – we are talking about the dedicated hours you and each member of your team put into your business.

Life does have a nasty habit of getting in the way of time and many circumstances cannot be avoided, however, transport dilemmas are something that can be.

Lack of reliable transport is one of the biggest contributors towards absenteeism in the workspace and this can drastically affect your operational efficiency. Unreliable bus services, taxi strikes, the price of fuel skyrocketing and regular breakdowns – does this sound familiar? While most of these reasons are out completely out of your employee’s control, they can be addressed efficiently and cost-effectively by you with our corporate commute service.

Imagine walking into the office every day and all members of your team have already arrived on time at the same time. Imagine all the things that could get done in those extra minutes! This can be a reality… this is productivity.

By investing in the travel needs of your staff, you are also investing in your business and adding more value to both you as an employer and your employees.

How Does It Work?

Our friendly Selecta staff will create a customised pickup and drop off route for your staff based on locations and the number of passengers daily. Our innovative app will allow you to control each commute and keep you notified of external factors such as traffic delays, bad weather and speed limit restrictions. Our In-app messaging services trigger automated notifications to registered service users and their listed network to allow for planning in the event of a delay. In addition to these features, all billing and KPI’s are automated to ensure a more streamlined payment and budget management process.

By choosing our corporate commute service, your staff are guaranteed to arrive timeously and safely to and from the office every day.

What Are The Other Benefits?

Besides saving time and costs, there are many other benefits to using a personal corporate commute service. Many individuals applying to jobs may have the perfect skill set for your company, however, there may be a few instances where you turn down a candidate because they do not have a reliable form of transport to the office. Our commute services eliminate this problem which allows you to find the perfect candidate for the position without the worry of transport means.

Another benefit to our commute service is lowered CO2 emissions. Our fleet can accommodate up to 78 passengers per ride which means that if each person was using their own vehicle, you could reduce that exact number of vehicles travelling on our roads every day. This may not seem like a lot if you are doing it alone, but if we do it together, we can make an impact!

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